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Thermal Systems Design Center

Thermally activated heating, cooling and dehumidification technologies will become an essential tool for efficient use of all forms of fossil energy. Watch this space for important information on engineering tools to help recycle energy.


Integrated CHP Systems Corp.

50 Washington Rd
Princeton Junction, NJ 08550

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Integrated CHP Systems Corp. is a systems integrator specializing in the design and provision of prepackaged thermally activated technologies for integration with a variety of on-site electric generating technologies.

Integrated CHP Systems Corp. was formed to bridge an important gap in the industry by combining thermal equipment design, HVAC engineering and power systems experience into one company. We optimize and integrate commercially available technologies from major manufacturers in pre-engineered packages designed to provide cooling, heating and/or dehumidification from the waste heat of on-site power generation. For applications from 250 kW to 15 MW, systems are designed to be base loaded and provide a variety of thermal forms to meet building HVAC requirements.

Recent Presentations:

CHP Thermal Recovery Overview Presentation
GLOBACON 05 HVAC Systems for Cogen March 24th, 2005
Heat Recovery - Energy Solutions Center FEMP Workshop - April 2006

Partner Bios:

ICHPS strategically partners with companies with expertise in bringing pre-engineered thermal solutions to the commercial, institutional and process marketplace. This business model is making ICHPS a world leader in innovation and sustainable design utilizing waste heat recovery and energy thermal conversion technologies.

Gearoid Foley, President ICHPS
Richard Sweetser, President Exergy Partners Corp. (ICHPS Business Development)
Andy Lowenstein , President AIL Research (Liquid Desiccant Research and Development)




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