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Integrated CHP Systems Corp.

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ICHP Product Offerings

ICHP has strategic relationships with the best companies in the field of thermally activated technologies and has developed its own modularized product (the ICHM), provides application and sales services for York's steam turbine chiller products and provides application and sales services for AILR's advanced liquid desiccant rooftop cooling dehumidifier.

Integrated Cooling & Heating Modules (ICHM) are standard, reliable & cost effective thermal recovery solutions for Caterpillar, Cummins, and Waukesha engine generators; and Kawasaki and Solar gas turbine generators.

York Steam Turbine Chillers are ideal high performance thermal cooling solutions especially when recycling energy from a gas turbine's exhaust or medium temperature exhaust streams.

Advanced Liquid Desiccant Rooftop Cooling Dehumidifier finally provides a viable means to control humidity and lower rising peak electric bills.




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