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Thermal Systems Design Center

Thermally activated heating, cooling and dehumidification technologies will become an essential tool for efficient use of all forms of fossil energy. Watch this space for important information on engineering tools to help recycle energy.


Integrated CHP Systems Corp.

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CHP Consulting Services:

Integrated CHP Systems offers a variety of engineering services to the cogen industry. At ICHPS our technical competency in both thermal and generating technologies along with industry knowledge allows us to provide practical and comprehensive CHP solutions.

Energy Studies:

As a first step to CHP design, a full evaluation of the building’s electric and thermal loads as well as the distribution system should be made. Energy profiles need to be assessed and modeled for a 12-month period. Site specific requirements, interconnection considerations, costs and cost offsets, back-up requirements, etc. need to be evaluated in order to select the appropriate CHP configuration. An economic mode of the resultant system based on building loads and CHP output as well as energy and utility tariff charges will identify the potential for CHP. Integrated CHP Systems Corp. will provide complete energy studies incorporating the following:

Load Assessment

Electric and Thermal Distribution System Assessment

Site Evaluation

Optimal CHP Configuration

Economic Evaluation


CHP Design:

It is important to properly assess the needs of a building and match them with compatible CHP equipment for optimum performance. Many choices are available offering differing features and benefits as well as variable power-cooling and power-heating ratios. Integrated CHP Systems corp. will assess the site’s energy profile and provide practical concept design for CHP applications. This service is intended to compliment design engineer’s efforts to meet their clients’ needs by allowing them to access the latest information in the rapidly changing world of integrated systems for cooling, heating and power.

NJ Rebate Application:

Integrated CHP Systems provides complete application filing support for the NJ Board of Public Utilities Clean Energy Program including the following:

Pre-Installation Application Form

Technical Worksheet Completion

Design Study

Annual Efficiency Calculations

Economic Model

Support Documentation

ICHPS also offers:

Pre-Engineered Modularized Systems (ICHM)

Market Support Services and Partnering (York)

Application, Commercialization, Marketing, Sales and Service Solutions for Innovative Thermally Activated Products (LDRT) - new liquid desiccant rooftop unit.

Market Research, Analysis and Planning (MR)



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